Sunshine Coast Wedding Cakes

The Icing on Your Day: Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes, the icing on the cake for your wedding day – pun intended.

Your wedding cake is one aspect of your day that can be unapologetically outlandish, or not. The style of cake you choose will, of course, reflect the style of your wedding.

There is a lot more freedom with wedding cakes these days. It’s more than acceptable if you’d prefer a five tiered chocolate cake smothered in pink ombre icing in place of the more traditional square shaped fruit cake that’s coated in marzipan icing.

In fact, there are some truly lovely options for wedding cakes available today; everything from delicate lace bejewelled cakes to tiers of cupcakes and everything in between.

Here are just a few of the gorgeous wedding cakes I’ve photographed to give you a little bit of cake-inspiration.

Jen. x


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